Invest Tools

The Internet has made the stock market accessible to the general public, whereas it was once only for highly trained professionals. There are many online tools that make it possible for almost anyone to invest online. Online brokers often offer investing tools for the stock market. Some of these are webcasts that provide insights on how the market is performing on a certain day. There are others that feature stock quotes or real-time updates on the stock market. One large online brokerage firm helps investors become better traders by providing a Strategy Test Tool that includes charts to test strategies before actually trading. Another tool offered by this firm is one that helps you separate your winning strategies from those that did not work. This company also provides real-time news from Reuters.

Invest ToolsOther firms provide free investing tools as well. Another large online brokerage firm provides free weekly workshops via a live webcast focusing on current market trends. They provide clients with recommendations based on research by Standard and Poor’s, as well as a glimpse of what professional traders are trading. Another firm provides an advanced screener that helps the online investor find stocks that they may be interested in. It is possible to find tools for option and futures, individual stock alternatives like ETF’s, precious metals ideas that allow you to buy gold, silver, and platinum, as well as active stock options. Many of the available tools are very powerful and helpful as well. Without the power of the Internet, it would not be possible to have so much information, especially real-time news about the market. One popular tool is a technical stock analysis tool that provides scans and alerts for the firm’s customers. An online investor can actually perform a custom scan of the entire market customized to their interests. This technology also allows the customer to arrange an order after viewing the current technical patterns.

Some of the best tools available are the online scanners offered by various brokerages. They are able to provide real-time quotes that help the investor find the best opportunities available at that moment. The big-name firm that offers the scanner in real-time gives investors the edge because they can base decisions on what is currently happening around the world rather than relying on scans and reports that are hours old. Another of the best tools available online enables the buyer to put their custom requirements into the scanner. Then, only those stocks and other investments that meet his or her requirements are listed in the return report – not hundreds that are not appropriate for the buyer’s purposes.

The best tools not only inform the buyer of opportunities matched to his or her requirements, but they also analyze the risk involved. This helps the investor not to make purchases that are unwise or too risky. One of these tools is an analysis program that provides a risk and return ratio. It lists a graph with a risk profile, as well as the likelihood of the investment being profitable. Some brokerages are also connected with Twitter to enable buyers to tweet trades that they are making. It is also possible to interact with other buyer’s tweets and to dialogue about the particular stocks for more information based on other’s experience with them. A detachable windows option is offered by one brokerage that is modeled on screens used by professional traders. With this option, multi-monitors can be opened at the same time. It is possible to trade from any of the open windows, and multiple graphs and charts can be displayed at the same time.

Although these online tools are free, many of them are offered only to registered customers who trade on the company’s platform. The great variety of modern-day tools make it possible for the person who is willing to learn how to use the tools to make informed investment decisions when trading online.